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Adelaide Home Jumpers


1991 - 1995
1996 - 2000
Changed numbers to be outlined in white
2001 - 2002
Different collar and number font with change in manufacturer
Changed collar, number font changed back
2004 - 2005
Changed collar
2006 - 2008
Added lines to the sides and made the hoops slightly thinner. Also numbers in smaller font
Added bib to the front and lost a red hoop from the back; added a curved red line across the back. Numbers back to larger size
New manufacturer meant changing the overall look; The collar, the width of the hoops and the striping
2011  - 2012
Changed number font
Blue panels on the back, not the sides, and revised collar
Revised collars and side panels
2015, R 1 - 13
New manufacturer template
2015, R 15 - R 22
PW initials embroidered into the collar to honour coach Phil Walsh
Hoops go all the way around the jumper again
New collar and  thinner hoops
New, wider collar

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