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St. Kilda Home Jumpers


1897 - 1911
Thick Red, white and Black stripes
1906 - 1909
During these years some players wore lace-up jumpers.
1912 - 1914
Thick Red, white and Black stripes
1915, 1918
Changed to Yellow as Red, White and Black were the colours of Germany in WW1, which started in 1914.
1919 - 1921
Jumper in the colours of the Belgian flag with low Vee
1920 - 1922
Smaller Vee
1921 - 1922
Band added to the middle of the jumpers
Returned to Red, White and Black, as panels. Hooped Sleeves
1924 - 1932
Sleeves changed to Black.
Added the club logo. Changed Sleeves to White with Black stripe on the ends
1934 - 1944
Mostly White number proved difficult to read and were placed over with a Black number panel
1945 - 1952
Stripes widened to form panels that met the back of the jumper. Backs changed to all Black
1953 - 1956
Return to wide stripe style, but with White number panel and Black numbers.
1957 - 1959
Changed backs to Black. On long sleeve jumpers they were Black with Red cuffs.
1960 - 1962
Changed cuffs back to White. Long sleeve versions remained Black sleeves with Red cuffs. Pin striping along the panels
1963 - 1972
Changed cuffs back to Black. Pin striping remains
1973 - 1980
Changed cuffs back to White. Pin striping dropped
1981 - 1982
Changed number font.
1983 - 1984
Return to normal font, pinstripes dropped
Collar changed to vee neck only
1986 - 1996
Club crest base had rounded corners
The first printed jumpers had Black cuffs and different number font. These were used in games in warmer weather
1996 R1-9
The next printed jumpers had White cuffs and the club logo was printed on, not in a Black box
1997 - 1998
1996 Pre-Season jumper used as the Home jumper.
1999 - 2001
Striping added to the collar and cuffs
2002 - 2003
Return to tri-panel design, with striped collar and cuffs
White panel attached to the neck covering the bottom of the collar, Club logo lower
Club logo above the sponsor logo. Printed numbers
2006 - 2007
Club logo returned to under the sponsor logo
Thinner White panel and revised collar, Club logo even lower, number font changed
Numbers revert to traditional font
Collar changed by manufacturer
2011 - 2012
Collar & Cuffs changed to Black
2013 - 2014 (R7-22)
Revised collar and Black shoulders added
2014 (R1-6 only)
Club logo placed above the sponsor logo but returned to below the sponsor from Round 7 on
Club logo placed even lower and establishment date added to the back
Revised Collars
New manufacturers template, White Collar & Cuffs return
2018 - 2019
Wider collars
R 1, 2020
Changed manufacturer, return to traditional collar
R 2- Finals 2020
Covered 1873 above numbers with sponsor logo
New Manufacturer, different collar.
2022 -
Wider White panel, numbers lower on the back

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