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North Melbourne Home Jumpers


1925 - 1928
North wore Navy and White in the VFA, and changed to Royal blue to join the VFL
1929 - 1932
Vee removed from the back. White Collar and Cuffs
1933 - 1935
Adopted wide stripes. The number panel changed size, based on the width of the number.
1936 - 1938
Stripes alternated. Blue became middle stripe
1939 - 1945
Thinner stripes
1946 - 1958
Thinner Stripes
1959 - 1972
Pin-stripes next to each stripe.
New vee collar, White number panel in the knit of the jumper. Pin stripes dropped
Line along the bottom of the jumpers
Another collar change, stripes thicker and bottom band removed
1976 - 1980
Number panel took up the top part of the back. Pin stripes return
1981 - 1985
Pin striping dropped, three stripes Front and back
Thinner stripes meant the back and front met formed a thin stripe
1987 - 1995
Stripes dropped from the side of the jumper
R2, 1996
First of the printed jumpers had stripes at the side as well as the front
R5-22, 1996
Side stripes dropped, stripes thinner on printed jumpers
Changed number fonts
1998 - 2000
Changed number font and also inserted White under the arms on the cuffs
Cuffs returned to all Blue
2002 - 2003
Neck Bar changed to White
Numbers back to traditional font and Neck Bar changed back to Blue
Thinner stripes
2006 - 2008
Neck Bar removed with new manufacturer
Club logo added to right stripe, stripes slightly thinner
Club logo dropped below sponsors logo and silver outline added to numbers
Side panels added
Middle stripe cut off at the top to highlight the sponsor's logo
2013 - 2014
NMFC added above the numbers
New manufacturer, new collars
R1-3, 2016
Collar changed, middle stripe higher
R4 - 23, 2016
From Round 4 the Royal Blue 'Clash' jumper was used for Home games
Shinboner text added to front
Club motto added above the numbers
150 Years logo added above the numbers
2020 - 2021
Thick Pin Stripes added, Club Logo added to the back under the numbers, Player appearance number above the numbers
Return to White body with Blue stripes
Blue cuffs & Black numbers return

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