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Podcast Episode 18


1880 - 1889
Chamois saddle was added to distinguish Carlton from other clubs who wore Blue. These were originally painted or dyed White, but the dye faded with use and washing
R16 1904 Carlton wore White sashes over their Home jumpers. Technically this would make it the first ever Clash jumper
CFC logo added had Cs at the top representing the Carlton Cricket Club
1910 - 1926
The original CFC monogram used from 1910 to 1926
1927 - present
The CFC monogram used today was first introduced in 1927
M&M Promotion
Yellow Livestrong jumper, with Lance Armstrong signature embroidered on to front. Also doubled as a clash jumper as it was worn against Fremantle
2013 -
Members appreciation jumper were produced in 2013, 2014 & 2016. From 2020 individual members have their names on the back of jumpers
After a few years of jumpers that didn't see much difference from the Home jumper, the 2018 Indigenous Round jumper was unique
Carlton Respects jumper for gender equality and the prevention of violence against women.

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