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Podcast Episode 22


Initially Blue or Red shirts were worn
1859 - 1860
After a few games Red was chosen as too many other clubs also wore Blue
1876 - 1881
Blue hoops first added to White lace-up jumpers
1882 - 1907
Original VFL version of the lace-up
The first numbers used were Red
1914 & 1921
Clash jumpers worn against Collingwood
Lightening up the jumper for colour TV.
White collar, blue neck, thinner hoops
Looked too much like Carlton and was changed
Used in games v Collingwood and North. Was too dark and looked more like Collingwood than their Home jumper
2007 - 2015
Away jumper were where they got 'creative'
2016 -
Country Game jumpers have been a yearly event since 2016

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