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Podcast Episode 28


1885 - 1886
The club's first jumper were Blue with a Black and Yellow sash
1889 - mid 1890s
Chamois reinforcing added to the shoulder, this was mistaken for a yoke only in the 2004 heritage jumpers
c1895 - 1907
Stripes changed to Hoops and the nickname became the Wasps
1907 - 1908
New jumpers introduced for the 1907 VFA Finals and worn in the first VFL season in 1908
1910 - 1913
Colours were Black with a Yellow Band
1914 - 1918
Sash introduced, from the right shoulder
1919 -
Sash reversed and stays the same today
2007 - 2014
At first side panels back and front, and then more Yellow sections on the first version of Clash jumpers
2011 -
Richmond were the first club to have an Indigenous art design for Dreamtime at the G games.
1998 -
The club has produced a Pre-Season jumper each year
2014 -
Each year the club have Alannah and Madeline Foundation jumpers
2016 -
Anzac Round jumper are worn on April 24 of each season

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